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XCOM Big Picture Part 3: Overwatch and Suppression

Overwatch and the sub-mechanic Suppression are both fairly unclear in their implementations, even more so than the classes are.

In theory, they're both building on the reaction fire concept from the original XCOM. In the original XCOM, reaction fire makes it possible to hold a defensive position/create a defensive line and have it mean something, as well as helping minimize certain flaws of the Time Unit system; it's not actually a clever exploit to have a soldier turn a corner, shoot an Alien, and then go back around the corner, because the Alien may well shoot your soldier somewhere in there, even though it's not their turn.
At the same time, reaction fire can be worked around, as units only react to foes they can see, bar the caveat that if they survive a shot hitting them they always get a chance at reaction fire aimed at their attacker. Thus, a wall of soldiers holding a good defensive position, all aimed in one direction, can be flanked and killed. The overall net re…

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