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Metroid: Route Optimization

Metroid Prime is plenty well-known as being a fantastic game. My own personal experience with it was fairly interesting -I beat the game, then I beat it on Hard Mode, then I played it many more times than that, and for a long time I wasn't really clear why that was. Yes, the game was fantastic, but at any given moment the gameplay was generally fairly simplistic and easy, even on Hard. Many enemies have 'tricks' to them that allow the player to defeat them nearly instantly, or to employ a simple pattern that will always work perfectly on the enemy (At least if it's alone), or otherwise trivialize them, such as by standing on higher ground that particular enemy can't strike at, and once you know the vast majority of these tricks, gameplay from an in-the-moment perspective is honestly fairly shallow, outside of some of the boss fights and a handful of non-boss encounters.

Yet I played through the entire game somewhere over twenty times in the first year of owning it.

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