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Given everything going on, I'm not going to be able to get up this week's update. Not sure if I'll manage by next week, either. We'll see.


  1. When you next post you should do one on enemy skills from domination and the tactical benefits they give.

    Gatekeepers raising an army of civs and dead advent. Also waypoint walking to bring buildings down

    Vipers choking avatars to death.

    Codex teleport and psibomb for epic scout and ranged weapon denial.

    Chrysalid chestbursts on civs and advent for ridiculous amounts of target experience (my record is like 30 chrysalids added to a level)

    Dropping mutons into archon + stun lancer pods.

    Archons and blazing pinions for terrain destruction and guardian overwatch bait (I once rolled a squad of 5 guardian snipers...even 3 of them are basically permanent poor man's killzone).

    Archamedons to acidify chokepoints and trigger pods.

    Shieldbearers for an extra no wound hp extension which doubles up impressively w blast shield grenadiers and the extra armor perk. Your soldier can basically take an instakill amount of damage and still come out with 0 wounds.

    Advent Officers and Mark + Holo Targeting basically turns every soldier into a sniper.

    The Fire guys basically flashbang the entire pod you just joined. And if you make them facetank you can grenade yourself and double explode.

    Faceless for cover destruction, esp blowing up cars

    Not sure if you can double up troops w mc Spectre/sectoid and clone/mc or if you can mc spectrals from warlock.

    I love hacking the big mechs and waypointing a turret or troop topped building down to rubble by hitting all walls

    Pretty sure I'm missing a lot of cool tricks tho

    1. Spectres are immune to all forms of control, actually. The Warlocks Spectral troops are similarly immune. Dominated Sectoids and Priests can Mind Control enemies though, yes, and if you Mind Controlled them via Insanity (Or Mind Control in the final mission) this can actually result in them returning to enemy control while still granting you control over another enemy, comedically enough.

      ADVENT Officers can't actually use Mark Target when under Mind Control. It kind of makes realistic sense I suppose (Mark Target is clearly meant to represent ADVENT troops coordinating, likely via the psychic network, after all, and your troops being able to leverage that would be incorrect), but it certainly feels bizarre.

      Anyway, I wasn't planning on dedicating a post specifically to Domination/Haywire Protocol. I'm eventually going to be doing posts covering enemies, and I was always planning on touching on the Domination/Haywire Protocol utility for them in those posts, in part because in most cases it's a bit limited. There's a few like, yeah, Mutons punishing melee enemies of all stripes where it's very notable, but in most cases the primary benefit is having an extra body you can use to distract enemies with without worrying about your own troops ending up injured. Like, you talk up Shieldbearers, and their potential is certainly great, but they're limited heavily by getting only 1 charge in player hands, even though they operate on a cooldown in AI hands; it's easy to Dominate one, drop the shield in a bad situation, lol every enemy misses, and then the shield times out before you find another pod.

      I should certainly keep in mind waypointing to smash walls and all, though. I'd never quite realized you could destroy Turrets that way, though it makes sense.


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