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First up: the King's Bounty series.

Next up is the modern X-COM series.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown analysis.

XCOM 2 analysis. This is... long. XCOM 2 provides a lot worth talking about!

I've also done Let's Plays for a few different games.

Let's Play Sacrifice. A little-known game that is very unique and does some things extremely well, but also has some incredibly cringe-y collections of decisions embedded in it that generally aren't obvious if you don't play the game very thoroughly. The Let's Play itself is a combination of videos with no commentary and text posts going over mechanical options and also talking about various elements of the narrative -usually elements I find problematic, but there's a decent amount of praise here and there, as the game has some genuinely great bits to it.

Let's Play X-COM Enforcer. Possibly the least-known entry in the X-COM overseries, Enforcer is a third-person shooter set in the days of the original X-COM where you're playing a robot -the Enforcer named by the title- produced by a single random scientist that then goes off on an arcade adventure killing a lot of aliens. It doesn't make a lot of sense, no, and it's far from perfect as a pure gameplay experience, but overall it's surprisingly fun, and there's some mildly interesting bits here and there.

Risk of Rain. Risk of Rain is an indie Kickstartered game that's... actually really good. Really, really good. As yet I haven't done everything I'd intended to do in terms of Risk of Rain Vigaroe content, and am uncertain whether I ever will get back to the rest of it, but at least now it's organized a bit.


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