Xtra Spicy Enforcer 20

In which Enforcer is very purple.

More relevantly, the mission involves a lot of getting kicked around by giant quadrupeds. It was frustrating, but... in an enjoyable way? I'm finding this portion of the game fun. The early parts of the Xtra Spicy run trended toward being obnoxious and frustrating. This puts me in mind of portions of the late game on Normal, where there was the right balance of 'you can't coast through effortlessly, but neither is the game punishing you for having the gall to play it.' I especially enjoyed how the wait for the gates opening involved a lot of fending off attackers while trying to be ready to attack whenever I could. On Normal, I was just idle much of the time on this mission. Not so here.

It has me wondering if the devs focused their Xtra Spicy tuning on the later portion of the game, or if this is just how things happened to turn out.

See you next mission.


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