AM2R 1.5 Release Run

AM2R 1.5 has been released, so here's a run through it on Hard mode. This was my first run through 1.5, myself, hence why I reacted to things like the text pop-in when entering a new area, because no, I wasn't expecting it.

1.5 itself is, as I understand it, primarily a graphical overhaul, though it does make a few changes here and there in actual mechanics. The big one is that the Serris fight has been substantially overhauled, with lengthy speed boosting and access to a bubble-spitting attack I'm not so sure I like the execution, but I definitely approve of the idea behind the change.

It also notably overhauls a decent portion of the endgame run up to the Queen, making it less of a time-wasting 'Space-Screw through everything' sequence and more, you know, actually engaging. Not a ton more, but I do appreciate this particular change, even if it's going to make some random runs a bit of a pain. I'm pleasantly surprised this also involved adding in new variations on enemies, in any event.

I also really appreciate that draining the lava/acid via the Tower makes the bird-things stop spawning. It's always bugged me how they pop out of the stuff, but draining it didn't impact them any, especially since it also made them really annoying to go through on the gameplay level.

This also ended up being an on-screen 100% run. I'd originally intended to off-screen collect the backtracking stuff, but making sure I had the Genesis fight on-screen ended up with so much backtracking on-screen I ended up just having it all on-screen. If nothing else, it makes for a complete video guide on where everything is, including the logs you have to manually pick up, which I don't think I've done a run that could be considered a 100% guide before.

In any event, this was in part to show off the Fusion stinger I missed the opportunity to show off in the prior version because I wasn't expecting it. It's a nice little stinger.

All in all, 1.5 isn't a gamechanger that I can tell -I was half-expecting the broken pipe to finally do something- but it's a nice little release that makes the game that bit more polished.

Plus, I haven't touched Fusion mode. I'm hoping it's been improved, if only to be less laggy.


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