AM2R Random 1.5 Fusion Run

I honestly didn't know prior to this run that slamming into a wall while Speed Boosting would knock enemies off of walls and ceilings. Or maybe this has cropped up before and I've just forgotten?

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that it's no longer possible to trap yourself in the top of the Tower if you lack the Spider Ball. It's a bit artificial a solution, but eh, still nice.

I'm also deathly amused at the incredible concentration of stuff in the factory this run had, particularly how I got the Gravity Suit and just a couple minutes later so too the Varia Suit.

In any event, thankfully yes this update has fixed Fusion mode so it doesn't lag like mad. Notably, I was able to kill the Queen in one take, simply because I wasn't being hampered by lag. I'm also amused that Fusion mode makes it so the lab has 40 larval Metroids. That caught me quite off guard. I'm also surprised I actually managed to kill all the Omegas fairly smoothly -after my last go at them, I figured I'd do a lot worse.

Having fought Serris a second time, I don't think I'm a fan of the change to its pattern in actual fact. I like the idea of it Speed Boosting, but the actual handling is that it's a period where you need to just wait it out, not an engaging part of the fight. That's not great. Not that the fight was ever stellar, but this feels like a distinct downgrade.

If you do want to see the Serris fight and nothing else, it's literally the beginning of the final video.

I'm probably not going to do another random run until the next release, all things considered. I definitely approve of the overall direction of this update, but it's not so substantial as to have reignited my interest in running through the game repeatedly, and I have other things top focus on, like gathering creenshots for my XCOM 2 posts.


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