Site Update: Timetable Stuff

Checking my Chimera Squad drafts, my current pace implies I'll be done with Chimera Squad in 8 months. If other things I'm working on go unexpectedly smoothly, I may soon switch to a Monday/Friday schedule for the duration of the Chimera Squad analysis; I'd prefer to do so, but my current circumstances seem unlikely to allow for it unless a big change occurs unexpectedly. So... no definitive plans, but here's hoping.

If things work out, I'll probably once again do some posts not tied to a specific project, then tentatively my next big project is Doom Roguelike, as it's the project in the best state right now. That could change easily if I end up taking the full 8 months and other projects come together better, but that all seems unlikely, so probably yes it will be Doom Roguelike.

I'm trying to get better at this 'communicating with people who have investment in the site' thing, so here we are.

And yes, the normal Monday update is still happening; I'm doing sufficiently well on the Chimera Squad posts I don't need to do shenanigans to technically stick to my schedule.


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