Supporting my work

If you think my work on this site deserves support, there's currently two primary options;

My Patreon, if you're interested in more long-term support. It's pretty barebones for the moment, but it exists and functions, and it is my hope to make this, in the long haul, my primary way of supporting myself.

My Ko-Fi, if you just want to express your appreciation immediately, no longer-term commitment. Every bit is absolutely appreciated, and for whatever reason it's by far more popular a way to express appreciation.

That's all, for the moment.

I always appreciate comments, too, including on older posts.

Feel free to offer suggestions for Patreon reward tiers; there's currently only the one because I'm honestly not sure what I can offer that my audience might actually want. (And that I can expect to live up to the promise of)

With extra thanks to SirlancelotMichael StevensTyrwynne, and The Chronomancer for their pledges.

Also historical thanks to Maximilian Snyder for their pledge.


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