Xtra Spicy Enforcer: Finale

This caught me completely off guard. I've played Xtra Spicy before, but only far enough to conclude it wasn't doing anything transformative and lose interest. As such, I had no idea there's a post-game Xtra Spicy-exclusive bonus: a boss rush that throws multiple copies at a time of nearly every boss in the game, even the High Ethereal! (Curiously, the Wargon is excluded from the list)

On top of that, you get an enemy reel afterward! It's not a very interesting enemy reel, this isn't Donkey Kong Country or something, but it confirms that eg the Snakemen are Snakemen, drops names for the new enemies (eg the giant quadrupeds are 'silverbacks'), and notably lets you get a much better look at their designs than you'll ever get a chance at in normal play. I'd never been able to tell the Silverback has dagger teeth, for example.

I'm genuinely curious if anyone else has recorded this online. I was able to find a FAQ that mentions the Xtra Spicy bonus round, but it doesn't allude to the enemy reel, and that was all I was able to find.

Anyway... that's it. Now I'm done with Enforcer. Not really anything more to do with it.


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