YAM2R: Randomized Run 1

So I decided to actually record me doing a randomized run of Yet Another Metroid 2 Remake.

Any future runs I do I don't intend to record the beginning. It's not until you get to the ruins that things diverge beyond 'almost all the lava starts drained to support the randomization'. You can just assume I killed that first Alpha before recording. I also don't intend to record the credits et al in every run -I actually usually just quit out after killing the Queen Metroid in a randomized run, because I don't really care about the credits and so on.

This particular run is the longest I've spent with nearly no enhanced mobility, yikes. And yes, I spent a while kicking myself for not getting the Spring Ball the second time I was in its area -I totally could have, since I had the Spider Ball, and didn't because I forgot the Spring Ball is actually kind of important. This is the second or third time I've tried to do that one ruins Speed Boost challenge without the Spring Ball because I don't actually think about how the Spring Ball is necessary for a Morph Ball Shinespark. Ugh.

The run also involves a certain amount of incompetence because I'm still recovering from a serious bout of illness. Then there's the more typical incompetence on my part: I've never really mastered beating Alphas or Gammas, because it's just not necessary. So those fights generally involve me face-tanking because I can rather than because any clever strategy is involved. This... actually nearly gets me killed early on...

One nice thing about even the most randomized of randomization in YAM2R is that there's several sanity checks. The readme refers to several fairly overt sanity checks, such as removing certain bomb blocks if you don't have Bombs or Power Bombs yet, and as seen in this run if you do the power core run without Speed Boost the Speed Boost blocks that would trap you during the escape are simply missing, but some subtle ones the explanation.txt file doesn't mention include:

-The Spider Ball will always spawn inside the top of the tower if you enter that room without it. (It's impossible to get out of the top of the tower without the Spider Ball)

-The Screw Attack will always spawn in its normal room if you enter that room without it. (You'd become trapped, otherwise)

-Same with the Ice Beam. (You can't hurt Serris without first freezing it... and also you'd be trapped and unable to even reach Serris)

The Gravity Suit is, unfortunately, just plain not randomizable, presumably due to the fact that it's not a normal power-up at all. No early Gravity Suit for you. Well, kinda: getting early Screw Attack lets you reach the Distribution Center super-early, after all.

Also, it is so satisfying murdering the Chozo Statue in randomized runs. In a normal run on Hard Mode, it's pretty much the hardest boss in the entire game. On a randomized run? I've got Power Bombs!

Anyway, yeah, first recorded randomized run.

I still haven't gotten a run where I started with Screw Attack instead of Bombs or Power Bombs...


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