Xtra Spicy Enforcer 24

The enemy density here is pretty nuts, and unlike the Normal difficulty run the end area actually contains quadrupedal Chryssalids. Finally! More bosses-as-regular-enemies!

They murdered me on my second try. They're pretty vicious to have mixed in with regular enemies.

My first try was aborted for a completely different reason: that elevator toward the beginning of the game is... not well-handled. In my first take, I happened to be underneath it when the cinema of it going down fired. On the plus side, a sanity check kicked in and instead of this instantly killing me through crush damage, the elevator went back up after bonking me on the head. On the minus side, there wasn't any further sanity checks. The elevator stayed up there permanently. Hence why I had to abort that take.

To the game's credit, this is the first time I've run across an obvious, problematic glitch, but ouch.

See you next mission.


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