Xtra Spicy Enforcer 26

I died in the first thirty seconds of this mission on my first try. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I got mobbed and shoved into a wall while one of the big quadrupeds was continuing to try to kick me. Either they just did that much damage that fast, or crush physics kicked in and declared me instantly dead. I'm not sure which.

Once I got my chain of pickups going, though, the mission was reasonably straightforward. Enjoyable, but straightforward. Amusingly, the Sectopods don't stand out from the rest of the enemies the way they did on Normal difficulty. The damage and HP values work out so that most anything that can effortlessly scythe through normal enemies can do so almost as well against Sectopods (Most notably, the Nuker still one-shots them), and meanwhile they're neither insanely accurate like Sectoids are nor helping threaten you with being mobbed, trapped, and slaughtered nearly instantly the way melee enemies do. They're thus one of the lowest-priority enemies on this mission!

See you next mission.


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