Xtra Spicy Enforcer 33

I had actually totally forgotten this mission existed. I went to record the final mission and nope it's time for this... random running around a burning city thing.

I did notice this time that part of the reason I got turned around so much previously is that the level is actually fairly linear, but doesn't announce it. You rescue civilians and smash teleporters and once you've dealt with all the ones in an area a wall explodes open or a door opens for no good reason or whatever, all without any cinematics activating to tell you where to go next. And meanwhile Professor Utonium's guidance system is perfectly happy to point you to the closest teleporter or civilian, even if they happen to be behind a wall you can't currently bypass.


So yeah, this mission is not only bizarrely out of place but sloppy.

Anyway. See you next mission, when we hit the High Ethereal a second time.


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