Xtra Spicy Enforcer 25

This farm maze with the UFO at the end remains one of my favorite levels, though I got a bit lost initially and in doing this level it was occurring to me that these levels with enemies spawning from nowhere in irrelevant areas with no enemy spawners are kinda irritating timewasters if you're not inclined to grind up Data Points. That initial stonehenge area was spawning huge numbers of Sectoids, but I was able to just zip on past without bothering.

Still. At least I discovered a lot of stuff I'd not found on this level before, such as the research item.

Now that I think about it, New Game+ runs would appreciate the ability to speed through levels faster. If you've maxed every research, Data Points are worthless anyway. Given most players who did Xtra Spicy probably did it on New Game+, that's fairly relevant.

See you next mission.


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