AM2R 1.4 Hard Mode

In celebration of 1.4's release, I recorded my first run-through of 1.4 on Hard.

... I actually didn't realize I'd picked New Game+ until after I completed the recording, though I did my best to play as if it wasn't a New Game+ run anyway. (And failed, because I'd totally forgotten how the Tower is to start)

Annoyingly, I was actually shooting for a 100% run, which would've showed off the 'you've unlocked Fusion Mode' bit at the end, but I derped. I did this run in part because I'm sick and not up to other stuff, so not surprising... by a similar token there's a few points throughout the run where I pause for a few seconds because of health-related stuff.

Still, I showed off nearly everything new except Fusion Mode itself, which I intend to be my next recorded run before returning to randomized runs.

I really like a lot of the quality of life changes 1.4 makes. There's a lot more use of the dead space portions of the map, even if most of it is just graphical, and in particular the new log entries aboard the Thoth make the hidden-ness of various parts of it more real. A player could conceivably enter a room, grab the log, and turn around and leave on the idea that the log was all the room was for.

I wish I knew why it has lag problems, though. A notable element of my struggling was that 1.4 has lag, and it's inconsistent lag, such that I'd get used to timing for the lag and then Samus would suddenly speed up and drop into spikes or whatever. I suspect it's to do with Fusion mode's approach to enemies, because the lag was pretty consistently at its worst when enemies were on-screen, particularly enemies that in Fusion mode turn into X-Parasites when killed.

Then again, the Queen was pretty bad about lag, and she doesn't.

Also, a secondary note: you might notice there's more Metroids in the Genetics Lab. There's actually a setting to make the Metroids more numerous and dangerous in the Genetics Lab, but I didn't have it on. I'm pretty sure it's a difficulty thing, because as we'll see when my Fusion mode run goes up, there's even more Metroids in the Genetics Lab on Fusion mode, including one in a room that's normally empty.

Hopefully a hotfix will address the lag soon. Aside the lag, 1.4 is a big improvement though.


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