Armored Princess Unit Analysis Extra: Turn Order Tiers and Damage Types

Same basic dealy as in The Legend.

Initiative: 8
Speed 9: Archdemons

Initiative: 7
Speed 5: Ancient Vampires (Bat form), Horsemen, Lake Fairies, Unicorns

Speed 3: Devilfish, Gorguls

Speed 2: Necromancers, Foremen, Sea Dogs

Initiative: 6
Speed 8: Black Dragons

Speed 7: Bone Dragons, Red Dragons

Speed 6: Royal Griffins, Hayterants

Speed 5: Angelic Guard

Speed 4: Cursed Ghosts, Vampires (Bat form), Lake Dragonflies, Tirexes

Speed 3: Veteran Orcs, Scoffer Imps, Fire Spiders, Royal Snakes, Berserkers, Guard Droids, Undead Spiders, Hyenas, Thorn Warriors, Assassins, Adult Gobots

Speed 2: Ancient Vampires (Human form), Hunters, Demoness, Marauders, Archmages, Demonoligists

Initiative: 5
Speed 6: Emerald Green Dragons

Speed 5: Griffins

Speed 4: Forest Fairies, Werewolf Elves (Wolf form), Black Unicorns, Cerberi, Imps, Fauns

Speed 3: Shaman, Fire Dragonflies, Rune Mages, Orc Trackers, Blood Shaman, Wolves, Pirates, Barbarians, Beholders, Witch Hunters

Speed 2: Vampires (Human form), Inquisitors, Alchemists, Werewolf Elves (Elf form), Elves, Snakes, Knights, Engineers, Ogres, Goblins, Goblin Shaman, Executioners, Black Knights

Speed 1: Giants

Initiative: 4
Speed 5: Repair Droids

Speed 4: Ghosts

Speed 3: Guardsmen, Dryads, Demons, Venomous Spiders, Furious Goblins, Pirate Ghosts, Evil Beholders

Speed 2: Skeleton Archers, Robbers, Bowmen, Priests, Dwarves, Orcs, Catapults, Polar Bears, Swamp Snakes, Orc Chieftains, Trolls, Gorguanas

Speed 1: Chosha

Initiative: 3
Speed 3: Swordsmen

Speed 2: Skeletons, Peasants, Miners, Ancient Bears, Paladins, Cannoneers, Burrowed Brontors

Speed 1: Brontors

Initiative: 2
Speed 3: Cave Spiders, Thorn Hunters

Speed 2: Zombies, Ents, Druids, Bears

Initiative: 1
Speed 3: Cyclops

Speed 2: Decaying Zombies

Speed 1: Ancient Ents, Royal Thorns


Two relatively obvious points: Archdemons have outright created a new Initiative tier, making it much harder to pull ahead of them, but the upper portions of Initiative 7 have actually emptied out. In general Armored Princess has broken up Initiative/Speed tiers so that a greater portion of units have a unique tier, making turn order less opaque/frustrating to parse.


As with The Legend, here's units by primary damage type.

Note that I've continued to organize units by faction, with new units placed late within their own faction.

Physical (84)

Magic (16)

Poison (8)

Yeah, there's no new Poison damage units at all. New units that inflict Poisoning, sure, but nothing with the actual damage type.

Fire (6)

I haven't placed Demonologists under Magic because it's mostly not actually important that they do Magic damage against Demons, except in the sense that they're not using their normal Fire damage against these specific Fire-resistant units.

Astral (1)

Yeah, Goblin Shaman are the only unit in the entire game that does Astral damage on a default attack, and there's no unit that eg has multiple charges on a readily-accessible Astral damage Talent. Blood Shaman and Rune Mages can do Astral damage every few turns, but the delay is significant and they don't even do that much damage when they hit.


And... that's the actual last Armored Princess post!

So yeah, next is the Warriors of the North introduction post.


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