AM2R Random Fusion Run 4

In which we have a really good start, find 7 Power Bombs in less than 40 minutes, defeat the Torizo without the Space Jump, beat Genesis without Space Jump and with nearly no Energy Tanks, illustrate how Plasma+Power Bomb is all you need to trivialize the Weapon Tester, and just generally perform kind of awesomely up until I die to the Metroid Queen because I hadn't realized the biting move at the end actually does a decent chunk of damage when you're launched. I'd always thought you only took the slow crushing damage...

I also finally show off that Gravity Suit in 1.4 no longer invalidates the Varia Suit if you get it first. You still need the Varia Suit to halve your damage again. You can see right away when I get the Gravity Suit that it only halves my damage, instead of quartering it, since I take damage from like the exact same enemy before and after.

Also: I show off the hidden Log Entry 1.4 added. Its... requirements are kind of obnoxious and dumb. Yes, you have to stand in that Chozo Statue in the Genetics Lab, with no indication whatsoever that it matters. Also, according to Reddit you additionally need to have collected every item that's held by a Chozo Statue, or nothing will happen if you stand there. I deliberately avoided 100% in this run to make sure it's not actually a 100% thing.

If it were an interesting, clever, cool-to-find secret I might not be showing it off in video form and all, but this is dumb. Using the localized scan mechanic but removing any form of indication to get your hidden scan is bad enough for player unfriendliness, but also demanding invisible other requirements with zero indication? Eeeugh. So yeah I'm just explicitly spelling it out and I don't care that the people who made 1.4 wanted it to be something of a secret people would find on their own.

Incidentally, this is likely to be my last recorded run through AM2R for a while. The inconsistent lag is incredibly frustrating -the Metroid Queen fight in particular is consistently horribly laggy- and so even though I was actually kind of wanting to show off the extreme mode with no save points I'm having trouble mustering the enthusiasm when lag is likely to arbitrarily kill me through no fault of my own. Maybe when 1.5 comes along, or maybe it'll turn out the next PC I get can cope just fine, I dunno. For the moment though, I'm done with AM2R videos.


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