Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 9

I have no idea why spiny boar things that look like they belong in Warcraft III are an enemy in this game. And unfortunately they're a boring enemy, being yet another durable melee enemy that's not really an issue in real terms. And even though they're clearly meant to be a step up from Reapers, they only give 1 Data Point when killed. I suppose it kind of works out i practice since they're overall less threatening than Reapers too, being slower and a lot harder to actually miss due to their size and coloration. But they very much feel out of place on a number of levels.

Also, this Bonus game is the one I was thinking of when I said there's weirder. A Pac-man themed Bonus game. It's bizarre.

It's also one of the more disappointing Bonus games to get, possibly the most disappointing, because it's not great at Data Point yields. Four guaranteed 100s is nice, but you can easily get over a thousand from some of the others if you're doing things right.

Still, it's at least amusing? I'd probably be more impressed if it was more mechanically faithful to Pac-man.

See you next mission.


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