Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 10

This mission is where the game starts getting relatively serious. I talked about killing dozens or hundreds of aliens in a few minutes, and you might've thought that was exaggeration because the early missions aren't really like that: the kinds of numbers we see in this mission are fairly normal, and in fact it's just going to increase from here. Indeed, Enforcer actually has specific lines for when you've achieved specific numbers like 100.

The game still isn't hard, at least not at this difficulty level, but sloppy play can get you pinned in corners, ruin Hot Streaks, and maybe even get you killed if you're particularly careless. It's a bit of a prelude to the game actually getting pretty dangerous without having to lean on instant death pits. You know, eventually.

The boss fight at the end is, interestingly, centaurian quadrupedal Chryssalids. I don't particularly care for their design, but it does have me wondering if the remaquel was in part inspired by these Chryssalids for its decision to do centaurian quadruped Chryssalids.

I'm told the glop they spit up immobilizes you, but I never let it touch me so uuuh avoid it? I mean that's sort of a given when it comes to any kind of boss fight, so... yeah. They're otherwise basically like the Giant Reaper, except there's two of them and they're actually less aggressive about chasing you.

The bonus item I bought basically just hurts enemies when picked up. I'm not sure what its radius actually is, but it's fairly large. It's one of the nicer powerups for just adding into your drop pool, though of course it's got the potential to end up doing absolutely nothing if there's no enemies around at all. The application is of course straightforward: pick it up. Done. I'm not sure how much damage it actually does or much of the mechanics at all, such as whether the damage drops off with range or what, but I do know the damage is not particularly impressive. I'm pretty sure I've seen Sectoids survive it, and they're the most fragile enemy in the game I'm fairly sure.


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