Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 11

This level is a bit annoying because a good chunk of it takes place in the parking garage and the game does a poor job of drawing your attention to its entrance. It's also easy to get turned around in the outside areas, though this would be a minor issue if it weren't on top of the parking garage issue. Those points aside, it's an okay level with a heavy presence of durable melee enemies. We're starting to hit the portion of the game where the Blade Launcher is more about collecting Data Points than about mowing through hordes.

We're also getting to properly see the Grenade Launcher in action. It's an awkward weapon, firing a slow-moving projectile that tends to take a bit to fall far enough down to actually hit anything, but its damage is decent, it does splash damage, and it has a surprisingly high rate of fire. It's shocking amount of ammo is a bit misleading, though, as fully upgraded it fires five grenades at a time and burns ammo appropriately. I personally don't like it as a game tool, but it's amusing to see Enforcer hurling grenades en mass while running around.

It's also the most blatant example yet of Enforcer being entirely immune to its own weaponry. This has already cropped up before with the bouncing Blade Launcher and Fusion Rifle shots, but explosives are more typically capable of friendly fire even in relatively forgiving video games. Not so with Enforcer; this is a carefree game of mowing through hordes and not worrying too much about consequences. (Which is probably a big part of why some people don't like it, given the contrast with X-COM...)


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