Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 21

This is the point where the game starts getting pretty reliably good. (Okay sort of there's going to be a bit of a dip but I still count this as the Start Of Quality) Still usually flawed, but generally playing to the strengths of the game, and finally coming together as far as X-COM-ness actually showing through. It's not obvious in this mission, but we're seeing an aesthetic used for Chryssalid caves, clearly hearkening back to the more organic-looking parts of the Alien Bases in X-COM. It's different from that aesthetic, but that's probably in part because this is much more specifically about Chryssalids per se.

We also get to see a room displaying an alien UFO hovering over Earth, which I think is meant to be foreshadowing for something we'll get to later. The timing is a bit odd, if that's the intent, but I like the idea, and it's really the first time Enforcer has felt like it was trying to sneak the over-story into the level design instead of just not having a story beyond 'go kick the aliens off our planet'.

The Lightning Gun got a particularly good showing here and proved its worth handily, which is nice because I don't think I really did a good job in any prior level of showing off how using it can be.


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