Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 18

This is the first mission of the game with a mid-mission loading screen. This is actually mechanically important: if I'd died while fighting the Wargon, I'd have been kicked back to the start of the fight, not the start of the level as a whole. This applies to every mission with a mid-mission loading screen: death resets you back to the last loading screen point. It's a nice little kindness.

The first two and a half minutes are just a somewhat boring case of enemies slowly trickling in while you're fighting in an ever-climbing elevator. I sort of like the idea of being mobbed in an elevator, but there's a bunch of questions about this that Enforcer will of course never answer and the actual gameplay just ends up a bit tedious.

The Wargon fight, on the other hand, is... frustrating. The Wargon's freezing shots discourage getting into its face -though amusingly they only stop you from moving, not from firing- and its slow homing shots are a bit easy to lose track of in all the chaos, but while it has a lot of HP the Wargon isn't really that tough of a boss, just annoying with the freezing and all. The real danger is potentially falling off the edge, particularly when you run off to get the Research Item.

Speaking of, notice how the camera went straight above as per the Pac-man Bonus game. That's actually kind of nice of the game, but there's no warning and it's not under your control so it's a bit of a nasty surprise the first time you do it... incidentally, this is all new relative to my lost footage, so I didn't know the camera was going to do that and had a bit of a heart attack because I was sure I was going to fall off, and then sure I was going to accidentally 'dodge' to my death while I was trying to get things right and all.

Also notice this is apparently happening on top of an under construction building or something. Why is there a random alien war machine just sitting up here? Dunno! We're not to the part of the game where the plot remembers it's supposed to exist! And unfortunately when we do get to the plot later, it doesn't try to explain this stuff in retrospect.


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