Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 12

I quite like the shopping mall level. It's still possible to get turned around in, but it's relatively intuitive to travel around in and the sheer amount of destructible objects makes it easier to keep track of where you've been. There's also not much in the way of 'your objective marker is pointing you to something that's directly on the other side of a wall you can only get around by looping through some far-off door' sorts of issues.

This mission also ended up more clearly showing off that civilians will sometimes freak out when you open fire in their area, and also I noticed that inexplicably one of the civilians lines refers to Enforcer by name. How do these people know who you are? Yet another thing that makes me think the team didn't really get what property they were basing the game off of initially.

We also get to see the Freeze Gun in action here. I kind of like the Freeze Gun, but I don't think it's a very good weapon. It's neat how you can see it adding layers as you repeatedly hit targets, but while it's an area-of-effect weapon that disables enemies, early-game enemies tend to die instantly to nearly any other weapon and bosses are all unfreezable. It starts being more valuable later in the game as regular enemies start getting durable enough that the Freeze Gun isn't necessarily slower than your regular weapons, but the main reason I bought it as early as I did is because I'm trying to show things off for the LP. Here and now it's usually going to be junk.


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