Let's Play X-COM Enforcer Mission 25

The second -and, alas, final- farm level of Enforcer. That... has a random stonehenge construction toward the beginning. No idea why.

This is the one level I remembered relatively clearly at the start of the LP. It's a fun, good level, and it legit feels like someone looked at X-COM and went 'wouldn't it be cool to play through one of those missions with like a Terror Ship scouting out a farm or something, but from the ground level?' ala Commander & Conquer: Renegade. It also breaks up the 'rescue civilians/kill teleporters/occasionally kill bosses' pattern, with your final goal being destroying the UFO's power supply. It could still use a little refinement, since for example the elevators are a bit non-obvious and your guidance system/Professor Utonium don't do anything to really clarify when you can use an elevator nor which one you need to go to next, but overall it's good.

I also really like how there's a little Chryssalid cave room thing on the ship. It's a nice, sensible touch, the sort of thing I'd expect a game building on X-COM lore to add in where it's not strictly faithful to the original game's handling but is the sort of thing I can imagine the original game would have done if it was more technically feasible to do and/or if the original game's developers had thought of it.

It's probably my favorite level of the game, even though I'd say some of what comes later is better.


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